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Monday, February 13, 2017

Update: Starting A No spend & Fitness Journey

My Newest Obsession is Mango ! Its so REFRESHING

Hello Everyone Its been a while since I've blogged here but I'm Trying to get back into the swing of things . Which means More Blogging !  I'm also starting a  No spend Since I'll be Going on two Vacations this Summer. I am going to Vegas in July and I'll be going on a Cruise in August. So I need to start saving my Pennies so I'll have spending money and also To pay for the remaining balances on my  vacations expenses.

So I figured during this No spend I can share with you Tips on How I'm Staying motivated to not spend money and What Free samples I'm Getting in the mail , that ANYONE in the USA can get if they know where to look.  Also During this no spend time I will be working on myself and my body-shape and trying to get more Fit and Healthy . I've gained a few pounds over the holiday but lets be honest I've gained weight with  just life and stress in general .

 I want to work on getting to a more Healthy weight. Plus it would be nice to go down a few sizes and wear a cute swim suite this summer Right ? I'll be posting daily updates on my Snapchat  (angelicasfit) . As well as on twitter(beautybloggera)  So follow me in Both places. I will also be trying to post a  Round up of Examples of Healthy meals I'll be eating.

 To give you an idea of what I'll be doing as exercise, I am not paying for a Gym membership because I am currently Going to College classes and working part time as well So I don't exactly have the time to Run to the gym every week. So I'm going to use a treadmill which Ive had for years now and don't really ever touch .But that's about  to change because I'll be doing at least 30 minutes a day at 6AM Monday thru Thursday. One of my Goals for being Healthier in 2017 is to get up on a regular basis so my sleep cycle isn't so messed up. I've gotten into the habit of not getting up until 2 hours before my classes start .

Also I will be trying to NOT take any naps , because I Have gotten into a nasty habit of taking a nap in between the hour to two hours before I go to work. There isn't anything wrong with naps in general if you take them in moderation , like a 20 minute nap .But taking an hour or more is So bad , not only because I'd eat food before napping which doesn't help the weigh gain. But also because I'd feel more exhausted after taking the nap since I'd be waking up out of Rem sleep and not be able to sleep well that night.

So that's all For now, I am Going to be posting new blogposts from now on Every Monday ! So keep an eye out .Leave me Some Comments below What are your Goals for 2017 ?

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