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Contact Me & Disclosures

* I am currently accepting all types of Products for review *
I'm specifically interested in beauty products,Cruelty-Free products though.

If your interested in having me review your product please email here :   OR Contact me Via twitter @BeautybloggerA

Readers if you want me to do a specific post or just want to chat or even have suggestions for improvement you can email me here :   OR Contact me Via twitter @BeautybloggerA

Thank you for your time and Support !

- Angelica

Hi thank you for visiting my blog!


Everything I post here is 100% my opinion/Thoughts . I will always give you 100% the truth about what I think whether it be a product review or advice or anything. If I receive a product to review I will state in the post that it was provided for review . When I review products I give my honest opinion on the product. Any products otherwise That I may post about on here for review or otherwise are items I have purchased with my own money or were gifted to me by friends or family.


If I receive a product for review/trial there will be a  Disclaimer in the bottom of the post. Also I will state that I received the product for reviewing purposes. My reviews are always 100 % HONEST .

The icons on my blog are simply to state that I joined this website and like it or contribute to it in some way. Or are other ways you can follow this blog or me .Such as The Blog Lovin' Icon , The Beauty Blogger Head Quarters etc.

Also any Photos on this blog are mine and have been taken by myself. I try to use only my photos though ,If I use a photo from another source other than myself I will state in the post where its from and include a link back to the source.

Affiliate links and icons
There are some affiliate links on my blog and also some icons. I only receive a small commission when you click on them and make a purchase. If your not comfortable clicking them you can always go directly to the site.

Paid posts,Reviews,Sponsored  (as of Summer of 2014)

Any time I receive a product or any compensation for a blog post you will see a * in the title of the post.You 
will also see a disclaimer at the top of the post and at the end of it.As well as in front of the links included in the blog post.

Thank you for your understanding and support !

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